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The story begins with the protagonist, Cloud Strife, joining up with team AVALANCHE, made up of Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart, Biggs, Wedge and later Aeris Gainsborough, Red XIII and Cid Highwind.

Their goal is to take down Shinra Company, an organization responsible for Mako mining projects which are slowly destroying the planet (Gaia).

Sephiroth is the character that leaves a lasting impression.

From the first interactions early on in the game where he and the main characters are friends, to watching him slowly go mad from the realization of who and what he is, to the final battle against him in the core of the planet (namely, the very last scene).

Creating an effective antagonist and doing it as well as the game writers did, is not an easy task and I commend them for what they were able to accomplish.

The background music, composed by none other than Nobuo Uematsu, is top notch.

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But did you notice that neither Yuffie or Vincent appear in any of the full-motion cinematic videos (FMVs) that occur throughout the game?

Send him into every battle by himself - who cares if he gets killed? His story is deep enough that at certain points of the game you find yourself sympathizing with his situation.

This is an element of the game that was executed better than almost every other Final Fantasy title.

Square-Enix has now confirmed that they will be putting together a remake for Final Fantasy VII!

Unfortunately the release date for this remake is still unknown.

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