He got scared dating

I'm also getting attention from the opposite sex but I have no idea what to do with them. Took his sorry butt to the court house and said Here you have him! Dating whether from a past with an abusive ex or not is another journey in itself for each of us. Lol Been almost a year for me with the same person. Taking it day by day, if it turns out it wasn’t meant to work out I’ll have no regrets.

I still hadn’t dealt with or identified my attachment issues.

It's too bad because I sense he is interested in me but I can't bring myself to open up. Well after many years of therapy, I finally grew that back bone. I was..I also contributed to our demise because I didn't put forth 100% my expectation of the level of commitment I wanted.

I work with men of all sizes and have no fear of them... I thought it was implied taking our relationship to the level we did. I came from a loving family - my parents have been married 56 years and raised three kids together.

The only way to avoid pain in life is to stop living.

Dating after divorce can, and probably will, bring you some pain.

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