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Jesse quickly realizes how special Maddy is and he doesn't want a fake relationship, he wants her for real. Nothing irritates me more than an author who writes a 3-year-old character and has that character giving sage relationship advice to the hero or heroine. Mechanically speaking, this was a well-written novel.

And now, the stuff that made me want to DNF at a few points:1.

Nothing short of Dean Winchester would be able to send my angry spirit to the other side.3.

So, yeah, he knocked her door down and carried her out of there caveman style. Is Maddy at all grateful at any point that he carried her out of a burning building? She continued bitching at him and demanded that he fix her door. If I left my beloved pets to a family member who treated them like crap, I’d haunt his ass.The story was a nice steady page it wasn't rushed or dragged on witch I liked it wrapped up nicely I wasn't left wondering why did it end that way i'm not a huge fan of the h parents I thought when she stood up for not only her but for Jesse and I was cheering her on .This would be my first read from this author I would love to read more from Katherine provided for honest review ****************************************hero = 10heroine = 10secondary characters = 9chemistry = 10steam = 10character development = 10pacing = 10pov= dualending = HEA cover =HOT author = new to me 2.5It was okay. It went by quick, I didn't really get the time frame of the book.One minute I’m doing my job, the next there’s a naked woman in my arms. I don’t cross lines, but she’s giving me every reason to. She’s only interested in a fake relationship, but I want her forever. They both are dealing with there fair of issues and can't see past them. He also wasn’t a commitment-phobe, which was awesome.2.I met Maddy when I pulled her out of a burning building. Jesse quickly realizes how special Maddy is and he I absolutely loved how Maddy & Jesse first met. This book was funnier than I expected it to be and had a fair amount of steam in it but, my favorite in the book was Christopher, Maddys son, he was simply adorable. The kid was cute, and he was a realistic depiction of a toddler, not the precocious kid-that-says-things-no-kid-that-age-would-ever-say-in-real-life that you find in some novels. So, there were some things I liked about this one, and some stuff that just irked the crap out of me. I liked that the hero wasn’t terrified of Maddy’s child.

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