Internet dating profile examples uk

If they’re happy to date a single parent, let the conversation begin!

Remember your profile is about Make sure you’re coming across as an interesting person who potential matches could have fun and try new things with, and not just a mother or a father.

This also keeps the focus on you and your match’s interests, which is what you should be talking about in the initial stages, rather than you being a parent.

Exes are dangerous territory, especially if you’ve had a serious relationship in the past.

As a single parent, you have enough on your mind when it comes to your little cherubs and their education, social life, health and anything else you can think of.

Ensuring that potential dates know exactly what you’re looking for means their future plans will align with yours and you should avoid any potentially awkward chats about what you both want further down the line Giving potential dates an obvious way to break the ice will make them more likely to message you, as they won’t be agonising over how to get the conversation going.

Say what it is, why you are passionate about it – a bit of history about how you first got involved is great – and how that manifests in your life.

Write about things that are unique to you and in a way that will be memorable to the person reading it.

Give them some interesting facts about you, tell them your most treasured memory, list your favourite songs.

This will show potential matches that your kids are a priority in your life.

If this puts them off, it’s better not to waste your time with them.

Use every question to give a full answer that tells the reader something about your personality.

When asked ‘What are you passionate about’ don’t just put down the things that you do regularly or people you see regularly – what are you really passionate about? It may be music, art, personal growth; it could be your work, saving the whale or promoting peace.

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