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For this reason, they hardly make time for themselves.

If you can plan a getaway for the both of you where she can unwind without thinking of the kids (tough luck) or work, then you are well on your way of winning a single mother’s heart back to the world of romance and love.

The only problem is that their tried and tested dating rules don’t apply in this scenario.

Most single mothers have been hurt by men before and are often very cautious about who they bring into their lives, considering that they also have kids. Most single moms aren’t looking to walk down the aisle with the next prince charming that crosses their path.

After you start dating a single mom, you will realize that the biggest obstacle to your dating life is childcare.

If you can’t spend quality time together because she can’t get a regular babysitter to stay with the kids, you can offer to help.

Perhaps you can get one of your younger siblings to step in or you might suggest someone you trust within your circles.

You can make suggestions when she asks, but no more than that.The fact that her kids come first doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you. That being said, she should also make time for your relationship and let you know when she’s not available and why.Single moms usually have their day planned out to the last minute. Forget about calling her for an unplanned date in the middle of the day.Weekends can be particularly tricky for her, so plan for a midweek lunch instead of weekend dinner.Make a point of learning her schedule so you can plan accordingly.

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