Joshua dating hollie

It has been revealed he was dealing with personal and family issues including situations caused by Hurricane Rita and its aftermath.

His American Idol journey has been seen as somewhat effortless by music critics who note his soul singing is exceptional but may not be contemporary enough, however he is one of the best singers within the last few years of AI.

On and the conversations Luke had with Stassi, shortly after that he knew there wasn't a future with her [Stassi]," a source close to Pell told E! "And after explaining to her what he was looking for in a relationship, he realized that his heart was with someone who he had been broken up with months earlier. I'm just thankful that going on this show helped me to find where my heart really was and who my heart was with.""I originally went on [ relationship," Pell said.

Holly and Luke have been dating again since January after she came back from Bali."reported that Pell and Allen got back together in January, quoting him as saying, "That was the greatest decision I've made. "During that time, I really started reflecting on where my heart was at and I started thinking a lot about my ex, honestly.

According to the American Idol highlights, Ledet was studying criminal justice at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.

On his American Idol contestant page he notes his mother influences his musical style and he has had no formal singing training.

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Professional footballer Josh and his other half Hollie Kane are currently on holiday with pals in Dubai, and it was during the trip that Josh got down on one knee and proposed.But it looks like there's just a bit more fun to be had before they get busy making babies, as Holly revealed their plans to legit live with Charlotte Crosby and Joshua Ritchie in Manchester.Can't even imagine how fun that place would be tbh.season 12 alum, who lives in Nashville, has been dating Holly Allen, a Los Angeles resident and former Miss Wyoming USA, for the past couple of months.The two had maintained a long-distance relationship for several months last year, E! In June, they attended the 2017 CMT Music Awards together and also hung out with season 11 star Kaitlyn Bristowe and her fiancé Shawn Booth at a Bumble promotional event."Sometimes there's more than what you see on [TV]," Pell wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, alongside a photo of him and Allen—who is tagged—walking together as a plane flies above them.

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