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Estimated ages at death for the 11 Houtaomuga individuals range from around 3 to 40.Signs of skull reshaping as a practice reserved for high-status individuals or certain families appeared at the site, Zhang, of Jilin University in Changchun, China, Wang and colleagues report.Skull modification occurred over a longer stretch of time at the site than at any other archaeological dig, the researchers report online June 25 in the Permanent reshaping of a skull early in life, when cranial bones are soft, can be achieved by compressing an infant’s head with one’s hands.

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The earliest skulls with generally accepted signs of cranial modification date to between around 13,000 and 10,000 years ago in western Asia, southeastern Australia and now, East Asia.

The Maths Mission programme aims to improve young people's attainment in maths, interest in maths and collaborative problem solving skills.

Kate has a background in education, youth development and programme management and has worked previously for educational charities, in schools and for an international development agency.

SHAPED UP Artificially remodeled human skulls unearthed at a site in northeastern China include one of a man from around 12,000 years ago (left in this composite image) and another of a woman from about 5,000 years ago (right), a study finds.

Of five modified adult skulls, four came from men and one from a woman.

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