Leo dating a leo

You can count on a lion to be lion-hearted against adversity when their loved ones hit rough patches; giving up will not be an option and nor will deciding to back down.

A friendship between two Leo-born will be double the fun and excitement.

Possessiveness born of jealousy is yet another negative issue that occurs frequently.

As much as Leos view themselves as royalty, they really do strive to be fair and just.

It is rare enough to catch a Leo with a frown, and it may be quite impossible when two bonded lions are sharing the best of life with each other.Their zeal for romance and typically innately high sex drives will find satisfaction without needing to compromise.The lion’s rabid need for frequent social situations will not become an issue when their partner feels the exact same drive.Two Leo-born who have slipped into laziness and a selfish focus only on their needs will, of course, cause chaos and bring a relationship to its knees.Luckily for this Leo man and Leo woman pair, communication is rarely an issue as the lion is often very verbal about his or her desires and what is needed to feel at their best.

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