Love men dating game playing narcissism

Compulsive seducers tend to be extremely narcissistic.

They use their conquests as mirrors to reflect back to them an aggrandized image of their own desirability.

For this reason, psychopaths sometimes move from promiscuity to rape (or worse).

The quest for validation leads a narcissist in an insatiable search for his narcissistic supply: new conquests, be they merely sexual or romantic, mean new sources of praise and validation for him.

Frustrate their agendas, and you can expect repercussions, ranging from the disruptive to ruinous.” () Psychopaths and narcissists, however, have different motivations for why they seduce. The more women they seduce, the more they feel reassured in their sex appeal.

By way of contrast, a psychopath does it primarily for the pleasure of playing a game.

It doesn’t matter how much you plead your case, you always end up being the jerk who did a narcissist wrong.

They aren’t capable of seeing how their actions affected you.

Theirs is a mindset of immediate, demanded gratification, with a view of others as expected—indeed existing—to serve their agendas.Indeed, his inner world seems to lack much of anything to validate: it is barren, with nothing in it that would even be responsive to validation.An emotional cipher, the psychopath’s exploitation of others is more predatory than the narcissist’s.Steve Becker, a therapist specializing in psychopathy and narcissism and consultant for , distinguishes, however, between the motives of narcissists and psychopaths.Of the two, he suggests that psychopaths present a greater danger to others.

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