Making dating profile

And it makes sense: Strong eye contact is scientifically proven to make you more memorable, according to a 2012 study on eye contact and facial recognition.

Using this science to your advantage is the subtlest way to make a lasting impression.

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For one thing, if you have totally different hair in the Instagram you linked out to, it can come off like you never check your app.Luckily, dating apps collect data, which can help you figure out how to rig the system and get way more matches.Here are eight ways to get more eyes on you instantly, based on information provided by Ok Cupid: While that candid shot of you laughing with your friends is beautiful and can be a part of your profile, your first photo should show your eyes focused out at potential dates.Give yourself a timeline for when you will be checking the app and how many messages you will send to someone. On the flip side, don’t get caught up in a textual relationship.Chat for a bit to develop some chemistry, but then get to the date and meet in person.

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