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These thousands of recordings were all contributed by Archive users and community members.

For all I know, I may not actually want to be castrated, but I think I do.

It will stretch a castrator band open so one testicle at a time inside can be placed inside.

Some sources say that castrated men can still have *******; others say they can't.

I like causing ache, so when I acquire to work with somebody who is enthusiastic about receiving it, I acquire slutty.

Institutions range from the Library of Congress to many local public libraries.

As a whole, this collection of material brings holdings that cover many facets of American life and scholarship into the public domain.

These thousands of videos were contributed by Archive users and community members. Please select a Creative Commons License during upload so that others will know what they may (or may not) do with with your video. These books are books contributed by the community. For more information and how-to please see Uploaders, please note: supports metadata about items in just about any language so long as the characters are UTF8 encoded Find books by language: Afar Books Afrikaans Books Akan Books Albanian Books Arabic Books Armenian Books Aymara Books Azerbaijan Books Balochi Books Bambara...

The American Libraries collection includes material contributed from across the United States.

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