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A higher, semi-arid region extends to the northern border.The climate is tropical and humid for seven months, while the dry, desert winds of the Harmattan blow south from November to March, bringing cooler weather though little moisture.To the northeast, a higher tableland is drained by the Mono, Haho, Sio, and tributaries.The Atakora massif stretches diagonally across Togo from the town of Kpalime northeast; at different points it is known as the Danyi and Akposso Plateau, Fetish massif, Fazao mountain, Tchaoudjo massif, and Kabye mountains. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free.

Ewe has a much wider use than its ethnic boundaries, partly as a consequence of German colonial education policies.

One fifth of the population lives in Lomé, the capital.

Kara, the second largest city, has approximately two hundred thousand inhabitants.

European presence began in the fifteenth century and became permanent from the sixteenth.

Though the Danish, Dutch, Spanish, British, German, and French all sailed the coastal region, the Portuguese were the first to establish local economic control.

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