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Die gesicherten Fakten und Methoden von gestern sind die humoristischen Anekdoten von heute: In der IT ist ständige Weiterbildung unumgänglich.

"Real concurrency -- in which one program actually continues to function while you call up and use another -- is more amazing but of small use to the average person.

It’s designed to provide a broad range of knowledge across a broad array of technologies focusing on the pillars Identity, Compute & Networking.

Get certified, and show the world that you’re ready to take advantage of the virtualization, storage, networking, and information protection capabilities of Windows Server to deliver global-scale cloud services into your infrastructure.

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Experienced Windows admins will learn new Network Infrastructure and Active Directory technologies in Windows Server 2008 including Windows Deployment Services, IPv6, Network Policies, Active Directory Certificate Services, File System Resource Management, and Hyper-V.When you earn the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) credential, you demonstrate your ability to use Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET Framework to excel in a specific, real-world job role.An MCPD credential validates a comprehensive set of skills required to be successful on the job, and gives hiring managers and potential customers a reliable indicator of your job performance.This credential offers a simple, targeted framework that makes the certification paths easier to understand and allows you to stand out from the crowd..

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