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They ended up getting Hopslam in stock about a month later. You really have to pay attention to the dates to ensure what youre getting is fresh.

I recently saw some Prima Pils there that was bottled in 2008.

This is the best place to buy craft beer in Muncie. Sometimes their knowledge is a bit limited but I think a lot of that is due to being involved with a decent number of craft breweries and beers.

To date I have not had any issues with buying anything that it out of date. It's hard to keep track of a lot of things and what each brewery is doing.

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Overall, this is a worthy place to stop into and check to see what's on the shelves. Havn't been able to get it the last two times I went.

If you're looking to pick something cold and ready to drink at a moment's notice - and you like good beer - then stop in here. Always shocked at what I find here, always have some FFF bombers which is great.

The atmosphere is cramped and way too tight of a space when the place is busy, so I recommend going during the week or earlier in the morning/afternoon if you're a browser like myself. The harder to find beers pop up here to once in a while, blushing monk and KBS being the last 2.

I always seem to be helped by employees who are fans of IPA's and sometimes have limited knowledge of other styles. Normally, I am going in there with a specific beer style or brewery. It seems to center on midwest breweries so if you are looking for something a bit farther away it might be hard to find.

Lately, my interest has been in 'local' brews so I'm ok with that. It won't be the cheapest place to buy but they have some nice pricing approaches - singles, mixing sixes.

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