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It is also an appropriate option for students who are interested in research, but may not be ready to commit to the thoroughness of a Ph D.Harvard offers two master’s degrees within their graduate program that are a computer science degree: a Master of Science and a Master of Engineering Degree in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE).A notable alumnus is Donald Knuth, known as the father of algorithm analysis.Caltech’s graduate degree in Computer Science is a non-terminal research-based computer science degree oriented toward a Ph. It has general and specialized coursework as well as a thesis component, and can normally be completed in two years.But computers also affect just about every area of public life: the economy, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, and more—the list continues to grow.The technology in the field of computers and computer science is ever changing and advancing, and will undoubtedly become more advanced in the coming years.In general, the median annual salary for computer and information technology occupations is ,580, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many occupations bring in higher salaries, such as Software Developers (3,560) and Computer Network Architects (4,650).Even more better news, the outlook on employment looks to be great for computer occupations—it’s expected to increase by 13 percent between now and 2026.

Caltech ranks as having one of the highest median starting salaries for its alumni.

Yale hosts distinguished lecturers in the field of computer science who have spoken on topics that mimic its curriculum.

Areas include the following: Yale’s Master in Computer Science degree is a terminal graduate program–as such, it is most oriented toward to students interested in beginning their professional career after graduation rather than pursuing their Ph D.

A computer science degree has been offered at Yale since the department’s founding in 1969 by Alan Perlis.

He then served as a professor until his death in 1990.

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