N900 driver sd needs updating

To my huge relief it identified itself as “Nokia e61 (Firmware Update Mode)” and I was starting to believe I could pull this one out of the fire. The following day my good friend Andy (@oscillik) from Liv LUG kindly offered to upload the latest N900 image and Flasher 3.5 tool (yes it’s really called Flasher, I had a giggle as well).

Here’s the process I went through to flash the device.

My phone desktop came up pretty much as it had before but with some app icons missing and sporting the original blue N900 theme.

I’d made some backups of the data on the phone and also used the internal backup application to store contacts, settings and other things.

At first all seemed well, it downloaded the new firmware image and rebooted the phone into what I believe is known as R&D mode.

With this done I was able to see the device on my laptop by running an “lsusb” command in a terminal.

It seemed as though the Nokia update software had wiped the phone and then promptly crashed before copying over the new firmware.

I was wondering how I could explain all this to the company when when sending the device back when I hopped on to talk to people about it.

I closed the program down and looked at the phone, it still seemed to be locked in R&D mode.

An attempt to reboot it manually did nothing and I was starting to believe I’d royally screwed the thing for good.

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