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Do not use your work email address or an address that indicates your full name when communicating with online dating matches. There are some people out there that use online dating services to gather email addresses from innocent singles so that they can send out SPAM messages.2.Give your cell phone number rather than your home number when in the phone call stage of online dating.Eventually, he sent her some Snapchat selfies of his face, and asked her to return the gesture — all before they’d even gone out! These days, it’s hardly unusual for guys and girls to engage in epic pre-first-date texting sessions.In a July study titled “Mobile’s Impact on Dating and Relationships” commissioned by online dating sites JDate and Christian Mingle, more than 60 percent of single people said they communicate more frequently with potential dates because of their phones.“Since our whole world is so instant now, people can craft entire personas through their slew of texts . “I met a guy briefly at an event, and we started texting.He was witty, smart and more flirty than he was at the party.

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Just as in traditional dating, online dating does carry with it a few risks.

There are ìRussian Brideî agencies out there trying to scam unsuspecting men out of money by having women (sometimes the women don’t even really exist) ask for money from the men for flights out to see them, only to disappear after they receive the money.

There is no reason that online dating should involve giving money to the other person.

If you want to visit Iveta in Slovenia, fly out to see her, don’t blindly give her money.5. If your gut instinct tells you that a guy or girl is not telling you the truth, has bad intentions, or will end up hurting you, listen to that instinct.

If you notice any red flags, such as pressing for personal information too soon, insisting to pick you up at your house for the first date, or possessive tendencies even before you meet, think twice about sharing your phone number, email address, or especially home address.

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