Osl dating of sediments from deserts in northern china dating telugu lyrics

Detrital zircon U-Pb dating and Hf isotope of modern sediments in the Yangtze River: Implications for the sediment provenance.Quaternary Sciences, 2013, 33 (4):656~670 李高军, 车旭东, 肖国桥等. 第四纪研究, 2013, 33 (2):345~350 Li Gaojun, Che Xudong, Xiao Guoqiao et al.In all, paleo-lake, rivers and wind activities have played their own roles in the formation of Hobq Desert. Desert eroded situation and its reform composition in the Kubuqi region.Research of Soil and Water Conservation, 1998, 5 (3):26~50 范育新, 陈晓龙, 范天来等. 中国科学:地球科学, 2013, 43 (10):1691~1698 Fan Yuxin, Chen Xiaolong, Fan Tianlai et al.The Hetao paleo-lake may have played an important role in mixing and holding the local source and the Yellow River contribution together for the eastern desert, which may be eroded and contribute the mixed material to the eastern Hobq Desert after its dying.By contrast, the western desert is sourced more from Yellow River contribution. 水土保持研究, 1998, 5 (3):26~50 Bao Xiaoqing, Chen Quchang.U-Pb age framework of the Linzizong volcanic rocks from the Linzhou Basin, Tibet.

Radiation Measurements, 2006, 41 (4):369~391 Yuan H L, Gao S, Liu X M et al.

Accurate U-Pb age and trace element determinations of zircon by Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry.

Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, 2004, 28 (3):353~370 杨利荣, 岳乐平. 第四纪研究, 2013, 33 (2):260~268 Yang Lirong, Yue Leping.

Zircon typological analyses of the major deserts/sand fields in Northern China and its implication for identifying sediment source.

Quaternary Sciences, 2013, 33 (2):334~344 高钰涯, 李秋立, 刘 宇等. 第四纪研究, 2016, 36 (5):1015~1026 Gao Yuya, Li Qiuli, Liu Yu et al.

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