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My father had always told me that it would take a particular kind of man to make me willing to submit, and he hoped Sean might be that man.

But then I concluded, after some intensive research into the issue, that God had created through evolution rather than in six days.

So we began listening to the many voices of instruction and took away one really important truth that, I believe, is central to the whole discussion of dating, courtship, marriage, and our children. In , a central theme I discussed is the importance of relationship building beginning before birth so that mentoring our children through the big decisions of life will be a natural, organic process.

Too often we believe that once children reach a certain age, we are supposed to sit on the sidelines and watch them makes choices, for good or for bad, without giving them any input. Scripture commands us to practice the one anothers of Scripture with our brothers and sisters in Christ, beginning with our precious children!

What exactly does it mean for parents to be “involved”?

My landlady, Linda, once told me a story about her relationship with her own daughter.

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His parents were surprised that we had come to them, but when we asked for their advice they gave it.

Our grandparents on both sides had been in “til-death-to-us-part” marriages and each of our parents were close to celebrating golden wedding anniversaries.

We made the same commitment and we knew that, as parents, we wanted to encourage our own children to do the same.

My family almost didn’t come to my wedding, and when my parents decided to come at the last minute, they chose to sit in the back.

My siblings were not allowed to be in the ceremony.

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