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Image quality varies and a higher resolution doesn’t automatically mean better quality. Manufacturers often talk of ‘night modes’ but this can be just as misleading as resolution.Again, refer to reviews to find out whether a dash cam is any good at recording at night.We’ve found safety features such as lane-departure warning or forward-movement alerts not too useful as they don't work reliably enough, but those which warn you of safety camera locations can be very useful.Many models have a parking mode, but you typically have to get your dash cam hard-wired – connected to your car’s fuse box so there’s a constant power supply - in order to use these.

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We as an agency have reached out to several different Police Departments and received countless success stories of how this program has helped their communities. You’ve purchased a home surveillance system and have registered your system with the LVMPD.

The Patrol Officer has used the database for this program in their patrol car, and has gone to your residence for follow-up.

The Patrol officer asks you if it would be possible for you to review your video for a suspicious person or vehicle between the listed times of the event.

Or if you have discovered something yourself, you could contact the LVMPD to have a Police Officer come out to your property.

Together, you and the officer would work hand in hand into solving crime in your area.

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