Polish dating wroclaw

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the battle the Lviv-based artist Jan Styka began a 15 x 114-metre cycloramic painting, and invited other famous artists of the day to help him complete it.

The panorama, riding a wave of Polish nationalism, was a raging success, and was on show in Lviv until after the Second World War when it was brought to Wroclaw.

The building was badly damaged in the war, and after the most recent round of restorations became the venue for Wrocław’s City Museum.

Its patriotic subject matter in the days of the Soviet Union meant it didn’t see the light of day until 1985.

Since then the Racławice Panorama has been presented at a rotunda in Wrocław, depicting a battle that is engrained in the Polish national memory.

A lot of the city was wrecked in a three-month siege at the end of the Second World War, but you’d never know it to see Wrocław’s historical wonders today.

Let’s explore the best things to do in Wrocław: During the Siege of Breslau Wrocław was almost flattened, which only makes the skyline of church spires and Baroque gabled townhouses all the more astonishing.

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