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The haunted tram ride is the main attraction, but I’ve come for a touring display of animatronic dinosaurs, purportedly the largest collection in the world.

They roar limply and I go into the gift shop for the warmth.

She listened to all of it, and when I was done she said, “Don’t worry.

You’ll grow up one day and find a girl you can love who’s OK with polyamory.” At the time, I don’t think she meant herself.

She indulged me; listened to me complain about my girlfriend, about long-distance fidelity, about not wanting to be the kind of man who rationalized his desire to betray, but who still couldn’t understand why love was proved by exclusivity.

We met in passing: I helped her step over a law student’s vomit on a late night bus when she was on crutches; later, we traded names in a group conversation we’d both wandered into. Soon, we were Facebook friends in the way two people can be without really knowing one another.

One night, near the end of the year, particularly frustrated by a long time spent celibate in the name of a languishing hometown holdover relationship, I sent Lou a message.

The purpose of this site is to create a portal to calendars related to Polyamorous and ethical non-monogamy events across the globe.

The intention is to provide an information gateway to bring people together through community awareness both locally and on a world wide scale.

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