Queen noor dating slim

A glittering state dinner was held this evening at the White House in honor of the visiting King Hussein and Queen Noor of Jordan. in balmy weather at the North Portico of the White House.For the 30-year-old American-born Queen, it was a homecoming of sorts, for the former Lisa Halaby had lived in Washington for a number of years when her father, Najeeb Halaby, was chairman of the Federal Aviation Administration in the early 1960's. Queen Noor's dark blond hair was pulled up in a soft Gibson Girl pompadour.Indeed, his only concessions to luxury are a fondness for Cuban cigars, a box of which sits on the coffee table in his office, and a passion for fine art.A new museum to house his vast collection is due to open in Mexico City next week, and the quality is evident from a visit to his office.Last year, according to Forbes, he overtook Bill Gates (with a fortune of billion) to become the world’s richest man, partly due to the huge success of his América Móvil phone company.

Nancy Reagan was equally glamorous in a slim black Galanos, sparkling with an overall pattern of rhinestones.His supporters say that he is a classic old-fashioned businessman with an eye for an undervalued company.The reach of his dominion is so large that the average Mexican will wake up on sheets bought from a Slim-owned store; buy their morning bread from a Slim-owned bakery; and drive to work in a Slim-insured car.Mr Slim’s sprawling empire also encompasses banking, retail, mining, construction, restaurants, printing and insurance.His critics complain that he runs monopolies, squeezing out competition and forcing up prices, and that he benefited disproportionately from the cheap privatisation of state industries.

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