Reallfecam lna and maks

On the 10th we descended a good deal from this higher ground.I had the good fortune to see my discoveries placed on a stable basis before they were brought to a close, by the astro- nomical observations of with 'Abd Allah (Clapperton) and the tahib (Oudney), the country is quite open toward the north.I made long journeys through desert tracts ; I traveled all round the Great Syrtis, and, passing- through the picturesque little tract of Cyrenaica, traversed the whole country toward Egypt ; I wandered about for above a month in the desert valleys between Aswan and Koser, and aft- erward pursued my journey by land all the way through Syria and Asia Minor to Constantinople.

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Going sometimes on pebbly, at others on sandy ground, after five miles we reached the shal- low valley Uaghlaghen, running from east to west, and hand- somely overgrown with bushes ; and after another stretch of about the same length, we entered the range of mountains, con- sisting of remarkably cragged and scarred rocks, with many narrow defiles.The position in which I was thus placed must be my excuse for undertaking, after the successful accomplishment of my labors, the difficult task of re- lating them in a language not my own.The western and highest part of the range seems to consist of clay-slate.At half past four o'clock in the afternoon we had gradually begun to change our direction from N.Toward the west, tlie valley, about five miles broad, was bordered by sand-hills, whence the sand was carried by the wind over its whole surface.

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