Roman dating game cheats america39s worst cities for dating

He and his wife Linda studied the show for four months, and they realised that nearly every prize on the show had been repeated over and over. Not only was Kniess lucky enough to make it onto the final round in the first place, but he used his studies to predict that the retail price of his showcase would be around ,000.

And so, for the last three digits he simply used his wedding date (April 7) and his wife's birth month (March), making it ,743.

It’s easy to throw a cheater under the bus and declare them a bad person.

While it’s true that some people do set out to hurt the ones they are supposed to love, effectively making them seem like a bad person to society, that’s not always the case.

Playing the bad guy, or girl, for a while provides the chance for you to get free without having to be the one that ended the relationship.

What’s more, in a study Dylan Selterman conducted on why people cheat, they found that “people might be motivated to test the waters with regards to their own orientation or identity.” It’s not always right, and sometimes a lot of people get hurt, but it is one of the main reasons people turn away from their partners to try something new with another. If your partner spends a lot of time with other people whom they might find attractive, the likelihood of an affair taking place is heightened.

Keeping them away from those situations is not always feasible.

A key factor for cheating is feeling unvalued and neglected.

Contestants try and find a way of cheating the system, or something dodgy goes on behind the scenes.

Here are seven times when apparently simple quiz shows felt more like true-crime documentaries: 1. , you know that the most fun part is trying to guess the total of several items added together at the end of the show. That was until Terry Kniess appeared on the US version and guessed the price of a showcase correctly.

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