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A top-level label is returned along with any second-level labels that were identified.For example, Amazon Rekognition might return “Explicit Nudity” with a high confidence score as a top-level label. However, if it's necessary, you can use the confidence score of a second-level label (such as "Graphic Male Nudity") to obtain more granular filtering. Amazon Rekognition Image and Amazon Rekognition Video both return the version of the moderation detection model that is used to detect unsafe content ( Note Amazon Rekognition isn't an authority on, and doesn't in any way claim to be an exhaustive filter of, unsafe content.According to the AANR, nude recreation enthusiasts typically are active, college-educated people between the ages of 35 and 65 who enjoy outdoor recreation and activities.

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The big mainstream cruise lines host nude cruises onboard their ships, as do many smaller upscale or boutique cruise companies.

The demographic for nude cruises is surprisingly wide, with adults of all ages sailing.

Given that nude recreation is roughly a 0-million-per-year industry, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), it's not surprising that several nude cruises take place each year and have actually been around for decades.

The concept is really aimed at getting those who enjoy (or are curious about) nude vacations together in one safe, comfortable environment.

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