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If you translate them into your language, please contact me so that translated version can be posted here (if that language contains characters outside of English alphabet, we'll made also a new version of game executable to correctly display such characters).Polish language (translated by Gaido) (176 KB) smds-mm10- this archive contains not the whole game, but translated/modified files only.Google Analytics is enabled on VNStat, you are can opt-out from this if you are concerned about your privacy by using an Ad Blocker with an anti-tracking list.User profiles are updated once per day from the database dump, only public accounts are listed. Unless otherwise specified all of the data displayed is either, sourced from or generated using information gathered from VNDB's API.

In the flurry of having to pick out every little detail for my wedding, I knew I wanted to put aside some time to make a special moment of asking my friends if they would accept the position of being my bridesmaid.These are the new Sailor Moon keychains they just released for the 20th anniversary promotion in Japan. " The little cards pull out and explain their role, information on their dress, and an explanation of our wedding day.I added bubble scallops to these cards since I just happened to have the punch leftover from my last project.New Game Features: (comparing to SMDS: SS) *built-in slide puzzle mini-game; *game engine now supports multi-choice dialogues; *dialogues are displayed via new typing script; *after successful dates the player will be rewarded with a kiss; *multiple endings; If you know other languages it would be great if you could translate the game into your language also.All game texts (that have to be translated) are stored outside of executable in ini-files.

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