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One of the duo's frequent activities was making home movies with Gordon's Super 8 camera.When Gordon attended Middle Tennessee State University (in Murfreesboro, about 30 miles from Nashville) in 1962, Sondra enrolled there too.The mixed-orientation couple were married at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville on September 25, 1967.(Reputedly, the marriage was never consummated.)If Gordon was unable to launch his own acting career, he had no such problems igniting Sondra's. was holding a nationwide search for a young actress to play a key role in the screen adaptation of Carson Mc Cullers' novel The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1968).Upon completing freshman year, Sondra had a blowup with her mother, left home, and did not return to college.Instead, she worked in Nashville as a promotions assistant for WSM-TV, with occasional modeling and voiceover work.They also have massive Insta followings — Holly clocks in around 176,000. When Gordon appears on television now with one of his kids, it's usually Matilda.

Because of Locke's spiritual kinship with Anderson, she and Gordon decided to wed.

Meanwhile, Gordon revealed to her that he was homosexual.

He went off to Manhattan to study acting and, for a while, had a lover there.

Sondra Locke was born May 28, 1944 as Sandra Louise Smith, probably in Madison, Alabama. Elkins, and together they had a son, Donald, in 1946. Sondra's stepfather was a carpenter; her mother worked in a pencil factory.

She was the daughter of Raymond Smith, a military man stationed nearby, and Pauline Bayne. For the smart, fanciful Locke, "My childhood felt as if I had been dropped off at an extended summer camp for which I was waiting to be picked up." The bright girl loved to read, which puzzled her simple mother, who was always pushing her to spend more time outside.

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