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Visitors see traditional craftsmen and women who bake their own bread, sow their own crops, make their own furniture and build their own homes.

They’re well known in this city of 125,000 along the Brazos River as harmless religious folk devoted to an earlier, simpler way of life.

Charles Perry, a practicing CPA from Lubbock, was first elected to the Texas Senate in 2014 after serving two terms in the Texas House of Representatives.

A life-long West Texan, Perry is a movement conservative seeking to reduce waste and inefficiencies in government.

This is the public face of Homestead Heritage, a 500-acre religious community of about 1,000 people seven miles northwest of Waco.

Every November, Homestead Heritage members show off their crafting, woodworking and agriculture skills at the well-attended Homestead Fair. But dig a little below the surface, and the idyllic veneer of this place begins to peel and crumble.

The Waco Convention and Visitors’ Bureau includes Homestead Heritage on its list of recommended attractions for schools groups. A investigation has found allegations of child sex abuse involving at least six members of the Homestead Heritage community.

De Long then told the officer that sometime around March 2003, he sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl, according to his statement.

He went into some detail, saying it happened “about five times.” De Long said he had told an elder at his church about the abuse shortly after the first time it happened.

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