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You can't say I don't have just as much love for my Pokémon as you do for yours. "Again, I nodded."And you're nothing but a human animal, slave to your feelings, letting your affection be dictated by hormones.""That's not true," I said."Oh, then what is it? Because you're still fucking crying over a guy who dumped you."No. The local jail was down for maintenance, so they put him in the prison overnight. "Morty nodded."He raped a woman."My gut clenched up on me. It's hard, almost unbelievable, to think of someone like him committing a felony. Never mind that- what I find really shocking is that it was simply not in Ed's character to do that. So if he were a guy capable of doing that to a woman- and to think, he was alone with you, after suffering a rejection, in a bad mood, and inebriated- I just don't see how he could have controlled himself in that situation and left you unharmed."I bit my lip."He wasn't… He wasn't concerned about my body that night."He didn't even take me up on my offer to fuck me. You're skittishness whenever we bring up the subject of relationships? If it's not because of Ed attacking you, I can't think of what else could have caused all of that! Despite many years of fantasy and self-loving, to actually engage in such an act with a real boy was still a dicey, unsettling proposition to me. Communication is the key to a good relationship.""Then… So let's be clear, and I'll be as up front as possible. Then I remembered that Whitney was our mutual friend. There's a good chance I would have rejected him anyways. Either way, it can only end up impeding the thing that really ought to be the most important priority in my life- money! Money pays for food and water, electricity for heat, light, computers, and appliances, the apartment you inhabit, the food and medicine for your Pokémon, so on and so forth. Also, I played more matches throughout the day, especially in the morning, which put sleep-deprived challengers at a disadvantage. The only thing you can stand on is that flimsy excuse- that we lack "chemistry"."I nodded."Because I didn't flutter your Butterfrees, is that it? My breathing stopped."It wasn't bad chemistry between you and me. It's you and your irrational self-pity that's keeping you from finding happiness, with me or any other guy. Got to the point someone called the cops and they came and arrested him, charged him with a misdemeanor. It was for the sake of my shyness, so that I would gradually come to accept my sexuality and be comfortable with it. " Morty asked."I don't know.""What more do you need? "I'm not trying to push you, I just want to be open and honest about it. "I've made too many mistakes because I made assumptions. That's a really open-ended question."Two things," I said."Okay.""Why did you abandon me when I came to you for help with Ed that night? He's having to remember it first."I put my loyalty to my gender above my respect for you."Morty got up, stood firm beside the pool, and then kneeled down. "He looked up."I've done some terrible and inexcusable things to men, just because they were men. If there was something else in your past, if another guy hurt you, you have every right to judge us all.""No, that's wrong of me. It didn't make sense, and I swore there must be something wrong with my head for having tolerated him so much. He was also the only one who figured out that I acted the way I did because I was secretly trying to get myself expelled. So he covered for me, and took all the blame, attention, and, to my chagrin, all the credit for the outlandish misdeeds that wracked Ecruteak North. I don't know what would have happened if I had realized it. If I have sex and hate it, it will create emotional turmoil that will become a distraction. I relaxed the requirement that trainers had to beat two of my subordinates, which meant I was facing more weak trainers, giving me easy wins. I worry a lot, and having a boyfriend worries me that I'll be going through the motions, when there's no emotional drive there. I don't think I'm capable of it.""What pretty little lies," Ed said with a sneer."It's not lies. You're lumping me with him because our names are similar! It's romantic, we can stop in Ecruteak for a date, I know just the place! I was stunned."After you told me that Warren kid had your picture, I started doing research, calling in old contacts. Morty took that shake as a negative."Then what was it? "I couldn't foresee it then, but now it's easy- how his life could develop to the point where he would do such an ugly act and end up in jail.""You think he took your rejection to heart? Four years." Morty shook his head in disbelief."It doesn't take years and years to develop those kinds of deep-rooted feelings," I argued."How long would you say, then? Or did he turn into a bad person because I rejected him? He's thinking, or he doesn't want to tell me the honest answer. He disappeared inside for a minute, reemerged in boxers, and still without a word strode off. I can tell you about the stars, about a thousand different Pokémon, about the top ten most embarrassing moments in my life. The only way I could even begin to trust you, is if you showed me yourself at your most vulnerable. Ahhhhh…I was about to go, but Morty stopped me one last time."Hey Jazz.""Hmm? I wanted to be alone for this walk, in order to think. My second was wrestling with him, trying to get back my Pokeball with which he had just caught Haunter. Things really fired up when they allowed Pokémon in our sporting games. They had promised me Steven Stone would be there, but that was a lie, I guess.

They chose to talk about a personal matter in a public place.

Anyway, I figure they were both in their early twenties.

Jasmine is an adult now, but even as her fellow gym leaders mature and begin exploring their sexuality, she remains notoriously shrewish and abrasive towards romance and sex. Yet, it was completely inadequate in conveying the excruciating emotional pain gripping my heart and my mind, like shackles of thorned vines.

" I asked."Be quiet," he said, low, dire, and commanding."Ed, it's really late. Our plane leaves tomorrow morning."His expression is telling me to shut up, but I pressed on, hoping and praying we could approach this rationally, like the adults we had recently become."I'm tired, and you're upset, and we need sleep if we're going to get to the airport on time. Grades that could get you into any college in the region? So am I."You're the most blessed girl in the whole city. Yet, no matter how much you complained, how annoying and hopeless your attitude got, how violent you became, how much you mistreated me, your friends, and everyone else, I took all that negativity and didn't flinch, because I you. My head is a mess, trying to digest everything he's accused me of."I could forgive you if you gave me a single date and then decided I was worth discarding.

A shiver ran through my body, and I found myself wishing I had more than a flimsy sundress to cover me."What are you doing here? If the world was so damn stingy, how do you still have two parents and a roof over your head? Over time I got to know you better- the good and bad, and let's not kid ourselves, there was a lot of bad.

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    So, when her friends asked her to go out to a bar with them, she was hesitant, but somehow they dragged her along anyway.