Siddharth shukla dating

Gossip circulated about how they two were bonding big time in Argentina.The friendship continued reportedly even back in Mumbai where they were spotted at coffee shops and parties.But the news is not confirmed as the alleged couple has not said anything officially about their relationship and considers each other as best friends. The actor got lots of appraisal for his acting by critics.Then in the year 2014, he made his television debut with serial Maha Kumbh: Ek Rahasaya, Ek Kahani.Recently, Drashti and Siddharth also entered into a cute Twitter banter (check above).“Siddharth is a good looking guy and he has his way with women. So if they connect and fall in love, there’s nothing shocking about it.He has millions of followers on his Instagram account and is loved by everyone for his physique and talent. His mother owns a beauty parlour and also runs an NGO. The actor is very close to his mother and gives all the credit of his success to her only.

He is very popular on television and film industry for his dedication of work and energy.It seems Siddharth is indeed a ‘large hearted person’, if you know what we mean.Anyways, for confirmation we repeatedly texted the lovebirds but they chose to maintain absolute silence.I think till now they successfully managed to keep things under wraps, with only close friends knowing about it, but now I think the entire world will know,” added the source.Siddharth recently hit headlines for having a fling with his Balika Vadhu co star, Smita Bansal, which both went on to deny.

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