Social engineering dating

It's transmitted to us through different processes, with socialization—our internalization of society's values, beliefs and norms—being the main one." The particular manner or influence that one is exposed to is associated by the herd that he or she is involved in.

Social conditioning bases its principals on the natural need for an animal to be a part of a pack.

Such fear causes the individual members and even leaders of a particular group to go along with the decisions a group based in accordance to its culture.

On a micro scale, the individual is conditioned to partake in the social norms of the said group even if they contradict his or her personal moral code.

Where, depending on reinforcement and punishment of a particular behavior, a response is conditioned.

In accordance to Ashley Lutz, an editor of Business Insider, 90% of the media, in 2011, was owned by merely six companies.

He used the herd theory in order to create public relations, thus conditioning the public to need particular goods from certain manufacturers.

Emile Durkheim who really played an important role in the theory of social facts, explained and talked how what was once a mere idea which in this case Durkheim is talking about society has turned out to be a thing which basically controls and dictates us.Social conditioning is directly related to the particular culture that one is involved in.In You May Ask Yourself, Dalton Conley, a professor of sociology at New York University, states that "culture affects us.Such repetition contributes to basic social conditioning.Ivan Pavlov demonstrated this theory with his infamous conditioned stimuli experiment.

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