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It is because we want to be sure that you are willing to take as much sacrifice as you want with this girl.

We've both seen the way you look at her many times, and all of us in the family think you should step up a bit more." The human finished with his eyes away from Sonic and Tails, before returning his icy-brown gaze towards his former childhood friend. "The response he got was of Nickolas continuously stuttering, his face as red as Amy's go-go boots.

But whenever he tried to talk with the pink hedgehog about the rain-cloud over her head, she would shrug off his slightly larger hand and say, "I'm fine." before walking away.

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Once again Fireboy and Watergirl are trapped in a maze! The entire room was covered in electronics and wires, each linking up to a high tech computer that Sonic had absolutely no clue what Operating System was installed into it (though probably coded by his human friend, whom happened to be seated in a swiffel chair right in front of it).There were about at least five screens in front of the trio, with the one nearest Kintobor's line of sight to be the one containing any information: specifically, program codes and things that Nickolas could never identify properly.we knew what was up with your girlfriend, we'd be telling you right now?" The orange-haired human asked, still a bit uncomfortable with the looks he had been getting ever since joining the Resistance entirely.

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