Teen dating violence laws

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Approximately one in three adolescent girls in the United States is a victim of physical, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner – a figure that far exceeds victimization rates for other types of violence affecting youth Mark Green, former Wisconsin Representative said "If the numbers we see in domestic violence (dating violence) were applied to terrorism or gang violence, the entire country would be up in arms, and it would be the lead story on the news every night." According to Women's Health Magazine, "81% of parents surveyed either believed dating violence is not an issue or admit they don't know if it's an issue," this is an issue because of the growth of dating abuse in teenagers relationships.

Dating violence has become advanced through the years by the means of communication technology.

To view current state actions related to teen dating violence, and other injury and violence prevention topics, please visit NCSL's Injury and Violence Prevention Legislation Database.

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.

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Surveys indicate that the majority of American teens who have had sex wish they had waited.

Teen dating violence can be physical, emotional, or sexual, and includes stalking.

It can occur in person or electronically, which includes texting, social media, and other online applications.

It is the only helpline in the country serving all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

This is a list of enacted legislation through 2014 that addresses teen dating violence.

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