Transgender dating connection

She shared with me without giving names what ALL of her transgender female patients share with her.She said this to me, because of my height being over 6 foot. transgender women do not want to be with you, they want to BE you.I have been open and accepting and going on dates with transgender women the last couple years, and that was a mistake.My therapist, well known as LGBTQ therapist and sees those who transition, has warned me never to date a transgender woman again. I will never date a transgender woman again, and I am the most accepting person you will ever meet. I was verbally and emotionally abused repeatedly, by transgender women. People lied to be with me on epic levels, abused me, said they loved me one day, not the next--had PMS emotional roller coasters, threw tantrums like children especially the day before "injection day", the list goes ON and ON. It comes from a place of acceptance, and that enough is enough. This has nothing to do with my love of body parts, post op, pre-op--not at ALL for me.This was during the time when you could just message people without swiping/liking.

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My therapist I see is an LGBTQ specialist who sees MANY people who want to transition.Transgender women are deserving of love--everyone is, but not at the expense of others--not by damaging others in the process.The difference between transgender and transsexual people is a very common confusion among those not familiar with trans terms.I am not transitioning, she is just a kickass therapist!She gave me warning multiple times I did not listen to until recently.

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