Tyler perry dating ethiopian model

Over the weekend, while you were enjoying Valentine’s Day festivities with your bae, Tyler Perry and his ladylove Gelila Bekele were celebrating the christening of their son, Aman Tyler Bekele-Perry.The star-studded ceremony was held in the backyard of Perry’s Beverly Hills home inside of a custom-built church. It’s almost a direct replica of the one my Mother grew up in. I know she was with us in spirit,” Tyler expressed on Facebook.As expected, the audience looked on in utter shock and confusion, but then things got a bit more outrageous.

At the time, an insider told how excited the couple were about the birth of their son.The plays soon became very popular and attracted an audience of 35,000 weekly.Before he even got to Hollywood, he sold tickets worth over 0 million for his plays.He supplemented his regimented fitness schedule with clean and disciplined diet.He swapped his go to pork chops for the grilled chicken breasts.

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