Updating fedora 8 Spanking 1 21 chat line

The VLC package is included in the RPMFusion repository that was enabled in point 7.

To complete the installation of VLC open new terminal and submit the following command: Drop Box is a famous Cloud storage service that can be used on multiple platforms.

The Gnome Shell desktop environment can be modified even further and you can tweak it to your needs, by installing Gnome Shell Extensions.

This can be easily done from the official website for Gnome Shell Extensions at gnome.org: Google Chrome is a web browser, developed by Google.

It’s a lightweight, modern browser designed to improve browsing experience.

You can also install Google Chrome extensions to make Chrome even better.

To complete the install, you will need to run the commands below in a terminal.

After making above changes, make sure to restart the network service to take new changes into effect and verify the IP address and network settings with the help of following commands.

If you are a Fedora fan, I’m sure that you know that Fedora 26 has been released and we are closely following it ever since, Fedora 26 came with many new changes that you can view in their official release announcement page.

In this guide, we will show you some useful tips on what to do after installing Fedora 26 Workstation to make it even better.

This tool allows you to change the Gnome-shell settings like: To install Gnome Tweak Tool click on “Activities” menu on the top left and search for “Software“.

In the software manager, search for “Gnome Tweak Tool” and in the list of results click on the “Install” button or install from the commandline.

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