Updating firmware samsung

All in all, the app is not malware in the traditional meaning of the word, as it does not perform any malicious actions on the user's behalf, or without his consent.

The better words for its mode of operation are "scam," "fraudulent," or "adware.""I haven't found the app to perform anything malicious on the device," Kuprins confirmed to when we asked about additional shady behavior.

The site does offer both free and paid (legitimate) Samsung firmware updates, but after digging through the app's source code, Kuprins said the website limits the speed of free downloads to 56 KBps, and some free firmware downloads eventually end up timing out."During our tests, we too have observed that the downloads don't finish, even when using a reliable network," Kuprins said.

But by crashing all free downloads, the app pushes users to purchase a .99 premium package to be able to download any files.

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To continue using the Samsung apps installed on your Smart TV, you'll need to make sure you have the latest versions.

Over ten million users have been duped in installing a fake Samsung app named "Updates for Samsung" that promises firmware updates, but, in reality, redirects users to an ad-filled website and charges for firmware downloads.

today in an interview, after publishing a report on the app's shady behavior earlier today.

In some cases we have found that some USB drives have problems so that your Samsung device can not find the USB update.

In this case, we recommend you use a different USB device.

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