Updating flock

Artifacts for this deck seemed to be focused on ramp effects via Caged Sun, Extraplanar Lens, Gauntlet of Power, and even Urza’s Incubator naming Angels.Enchantments were originally focused more on anthem effects like Crusade, but I looked through the page and focused on more diverse effects, including taxing our opponents with Ghostly Prison and Aura of Silence.

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Looking at creatures, we want to set the curve in a good position, so I looked for creatures that spread out across different converted mana costs. It has decent statistics for the mana cost, and it grows our commander by playing lands to get flying Bird tokens.

typically puts the “New Cards” portion of each commander as the first section, most likely to draw attention to the fact that there are new synergies and strategies to play with legendary creatures that have been around for a while.

With Radiant, there is no “New Cards” section, meaning people probably have not been updating their lists on the sites that gathers data from.

Our commander should naturally be boosted due to the “ 1/ 1 per flying creature on our field” static ability she has, so alpha-striking someone with commander damage should not be difficult.

We can facilitate it with Sublime Archangel, since Exalted abilities stack when they are spread out across different creatures.

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