Updating multiple tables in oracle who is christel khalil dating 2016

I get an error on the comma (after carts c,) that I'm missing the SET keyword.

I received the following error: ORA-01779: cannot modify a column which maps to a non key-preserved table You can update multiple rows from anywhere you want in one UPDATE statement, but you can't update two tables at the same time (the accepted answer given does not make sense).

I want to know which one is better regardless of space consideration and assume this tables can use all those methods. We have a load of legacy code that uses ORA_ROWSCN as an optimistic locking field. )-digit field for the host variable, and we experience horrible problems when the SCN ticks past the size that this can accommo... In one of the SQL the where clause is a combination of Index Column and non-index columns, however the query is not using the index column and instead going for Full Table Scan. Hello, Is there a way to get all the keys that exist in a JSON column?

JSON_VALUE function provides an easy way to access a value for a given key, but is there a way to obtain all the key names? Hello Tom, Is there a way to identify SQL queries that are consuming the majority of the shared pool for e.g Session #1 is using 56 kbsession #2 is 10mb I would want to identify each query and the memory value it's consuming. Hello Tom & Team, Can you please provide to get the list of sql ids along with elasped times and other metrics for a given sql statment.

Jeff Jeff, The problem with that approach is that, as you said, it only allows me to update a single row at a time.

For Example if my start date is 12/01/2003 and end Date is 12/31/2003.

i need to generate my output as Date----12/01/200312/02/200312/03/200...

Hi Tom, I am trying to create a partitioned table so that a date-wise partition is created on inserting a new row for release_date column.

But please note that release_date column is having number data type (as per design) and people want to create an interval b...i use oracle logminer to analysis oracle redo log,and my program relied heavily on scn increase strictly,but sometimes i found that scn from result of logminer is not increase。for example:2694206926942070269420712694205826942071269420712694207126942071As we al...

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