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Can someone please please tell me exactly what to do (i.e. Corvus, how exactly did you land back on your feet?

I have found that 55 deg C works for me, however in the last few SVN's the temp readings seem to be quite a bit lower than what they use to be so I have found that on them I am setting the temps at between 45-50 deg C.Maybe it's a hint that they're working on something? (please God)Actually I'm curious as to why with all these scripts around, no one has made an open-source browser for the xbox. In the readme, it suggests a DVD-R should also work however my Xbox continues to report unreadable disk?To be honest, I haven't come across a boot disc that works on a DVD-R with the original Xbox... However, the problem I was having was due to human error (admittedly).I'm making good progress with XBMC - it's a pretty neat media player actually.S Video output is quite acceptable for now but I am getting the advance AV pack - component & digital audio Today I've been looking for alaternate skins to Mayhem III - mainly a colour change from the gloomy slate grey it comes in as I like its layout and navigation. Most of the other skins I have found are too dated to use with my recent XBMC version.

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