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Phone number validation helps you reach and identify your customers and comply with relevant regulations. Our powerful phone validator tool utilizes data from over 200 telecommunications providers to deliver accurate, fast results.

We can even cleanse phone numbers at point-of-entry, so you can be sure they’re valid before they enter your database.

If you have any subdomains, you can add these after each domain has been verified.

Subdomains do not require any additional verification.

Keep open lines of communication with your customers, improve the quality of organizational contact information, streamline data entry processes, and contact customers with the right phone number.

This page applies to new clients connecting with Mimecast using the Connect Application.

The platform is used by almost all gamers and quite popular for its regional support and pricing.

However, quite recently a lot of reports have been coming in of the Steam client stuck at 0 percent while trying to validate game files.

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You don't have to wait for your primary domain to be verified, before adding additional domains.Many of your customers and prospects now expect to be able to complete their entire interaction with you via their handheld device.This makes collecting accurate phone numbers more critical to your business than ever before.If you are not using the Connect Application, click here.To set up your Mimecast account, you must validate that you own each of the domains you wish to connect, starting with your primary domain.

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