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Interestingly enough, all of the women from the show are married (except Sammi, who is skipping the reunion series), and most of the men are the single ones.

Snooki and JWoww both got married and started families pretty quickly after ended, and then did a total 180 with their brands and launched a show and lifestyle sites all based on being mothers.

A year later, judging from his Instagram and Twitter feeds, it would appear that he's still very much available. Crew-looking Vinny looking ready for his Tinder default close-up. Oh, just the finest and most supple boyfriend material from the farthest reaches of the Orient.

In the past, Guadagnino dated his former Guy Code costar Melanie Iglesias from 2012 into 2013, but the two have been broken up for a significant amount of time.

Previously Elicea has shared a picture of the pair on the Instagram at the end of 2017 with the caption; As the year comes to an end, I cannot help but reflect on all the lesson that I have learned in love, life, and friendship.

Elicea has yet to speak about the split and while Vinny wouldn't give up any more details in the surrounding about their broken relationship.

As the couple had an on and off kind of relationship for a long time, their breakup and patch up weren't taken seriously by anyone.Their friendship was always the real love story of The Jersey Shore anyway. Guadagnino and Iglesias dated for about two years until 2014 before calling it quits, and it doesn't sound like Vinny has had a long-term relationship since then. Although he really wasn't sloppily smushing everyone in sight like some of his other castmates back in the day (*ahem* The Situation), Vinny did have a steady string of hook-ups on the original .That means that we can probably expect the reopening of the smush room on the new fans are afraid of when it comes to this reunion series is that it might be boring now that half of the cast is married and settled down.

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