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On March 15, 2007, Cisco Systems announced that it had agreed to pay per share to acquire Web Ex.

The deal valued Web Ex at about .2 billion, or .9 billion with Web Ex's cash reserves factored into the price.

(When running connectlogger2.exe, please make sure you do not click 'OK' on the 2nd popup window until issue you are experiencing has occurred.

Once completed, send the resulting to your Web Ex Support representative.) Download Tap to collapse A trace utility used for case escalations related to DNS/latency/network issues.

Web Ex's largest stockholder was Jan Baan with 9% of outstanding shares.

In a press release Cisco said Web Ex would "become a part of Cisco's Development Organization while maintaining its unique business model".

Also, I think it needs to be more intuitive when it comes to fixing sound and microphone problems, because once you enter the call, if you didn't allow Skype for Business to access to your microphone (by mistake), for example, then you don't have the possibility to change it, so you have to leave the meeting and rejoin to fix the problem While Webex Meetings could still benefit from some improvements, overall I find it is of good quality and easy to use.

Some environments like hybrid onsite and cloud configurations are more complex to manage.

I find across similar meeting applications Webex Meetings is one of the more reliable and easier to use while providing full functionality support across various platforms.

Unless you need to have a conference call, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with a client otherwise besides using a somewhat inefficient program.

As I wrote before, I think is an easy-to-download tool that doesn't require much system/hardware specifications, but also it doesn't work properly in cases of bad internet connection.

Its products include Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center, Support Center, Sales Center, Meet Me Now, PCNow, Web Ex AIM Pro Business Edition, Web Ex Web Office, and Web Ex Connect.

All Web Ex products are part of the Cisco Systems collaboration portfolio. Zhu met Iyar, then a vice-president and general manager of Quarterdeck, when Quarterdeck acquired Future Labs in 1996.

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