Webwasher updating the url whitelist

This patent application claims the benefit of and is a continuation-in-part of U. As firewalls are configured to block traffic more strictly on ports known to be used by Remote Access Trojans (RATs) or suspicious traffic in general, attackers are increasingly tunneling return traffic from a compromised computer to the attacker's network using SSL. This can be dangerous, as it means that data can be stolen or malicious computer code tunneled through the firewall impervious to examination by security scanning software associated with the firewall.Firewall 1 is situated at the boundary of the overall network 3 (which may be the Internet) and the enterprise network.

One solution to this problem is known as “SSL stripping”. This is because the SSL protocol requires end-to-end encryption (from server to browser). However, the SSL protocol provides that encrypted communications must pass straight through the enterprise firewall unexamined.Name and Location of Certificate Revocation List (CRL).This is the name and location associated with a list 24 that publishes IDs of digital certificates 20 that have been revoked. These fields indicate certain attributes of the digital certificate 20.

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