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the White Canary, a bisexual assassin whose romantic history includes, across multiple timelines, a variety of men and women.

To reinforce Constantine’s sexual fluidity, engages in a playful subtext.

And the heroic self that “comes out” is nearly always monogamous and monosexual: someone who has eyes for only one gender and one person. Consider the romantic (and still mainly heterosexual) motives, plots, and displays of intimacy at the core of many on-screen superhero origin stories: Spider-Man’s web-slinger identity is sealed with a kiss from Mary Jane.

A romantic embrace with Lois Lane in midair confirms that Superman can fly.

Making out with Elektra Natchios in the rain demonstrates Daredevil’s extrasensory abilities.

In moments such as these, the love plot not only crystallizes a hero’s straightness, but also reassures the audience that there’s no ambiguity in his desires.

Beyond Gail Simone’s Catman, Prodigy from the Young Avengers, and (if we take him seriously) Deadpool, it’s hard to come up with examples of bisexual men in the superhero world.’s Constantine.

From the moment he steps foot on the Legends’ time-travel ship known as the Waverider in “Daddy Darhkest,” the warlock sweet-talks both men and women of different backgrounds, sexual preferences, and, yes, relationship statuses.

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By placing Constantine in the center of this configuration—next to a gay man and bisexual woman—the show emphasizes the warlock’s simultaneous expression of same-sex and opposite-sex desire. ’s warlock is a meaningful addition to queer representation on TV in general, even beyond the superhero genre.

This decision allows the show to navigate some of the trickier aspects of bisexual representation.

Because of a common assumption that the gender of someone’s love interest determines that person’s sexuality, viewers can often read characters as either straight or gay only.

This narrative leaves little room for ambiguity, a fact that’s especially clear when it comes to sexuality.

Fans of comic-book stories have seen first-hand how, for a traditional superhero to know who he truly is, he must also know who he is .

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