Who is monica bellucci dating

His father taught him everything that he knows and he considers him as one of the most important figures in his life and mentors.

Nicolas’ art is mainly inspired by surrealism but values the female figure, mainly the mother as his most important part and influence.

He began collaborating with such figures as Jacques Lacoste, Jacques Delbos and Axel Vervoordt.

From 2003 to 2005 he attended Drouot as an apprentice under Jean-Claude Binoche. He likes wearing his hair long which and grows his beard, making his staple look.

This was really surprising as Monica did not appear with anyone publicly since 2013.

She was then seen with her ex-husband Vincent Cassel and the pair actually separated quite soon after that.

Monica did not reveal anything about her affair with Nicolas till recently and said that the two have been dating for around 2 years now.

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She also confirmed that she has been seeing this man for a while.Nicolas Lefebvre and Monica Belluci have been seen together recently.Actually, the two of them have been a couple for years now.Nebojsa has a degree in law, but his passion has always been writing.Even though he could have been a great lawyer, he decided to use his talent of being good with words elsewhere.

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