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And finally, you have come to realize that selling a business with significant assets is much easier said than done. Most with the required assets and credit lines required to buy your business will not want to invest for the same reasons your heirs have declined the opportunity.The vast majority will not pay for goodwill or "blue sky." They will discount your inventory and pay far less than cost.Most prefer to purchase their own new assets (equipment or inventory) and start a new business rather than buy an existing one.Liquidating Your Business So just what is the liquidation option?And they're attracted to the high salaries and benefit packages offered in the corporate world.Or they simply are not capable of continuing the business.It is the direct conversion of assets to cash by selling them to a user/consumer.There are generally three categories of business that will liquidate assets: Liquidating retail inventory is challenging.

As when contracting with any consultant or other professional, you should evaluate each one before making a decision: Exiting your business by liquidation can be a very rewarding experience, but you must decide whether to do it yourself or hire a consultant.

The Liquidation Professional Using a professional liquidator has its advantages: They will (or at least should) more than earn their fees because of the increased gross sales and the lower overhead associated with their mentoring.

They have liquidated several stores and this is not a first-time event for them, as it would be for you. Some employ "off-the-shelf" plans that include template advertising used over and over with only a name change, and they can start a sale in a relatively short period of time.

These firms are typically classified as consulting firms.

And the liquidation sales they conduct may come in several cloaks: Quitting Business Sale, Total Liquidation, Going Out of Business Sale, Retirement Sale, Creditor Sale are just some of the titles associated with these sales.

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