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It also publishes witchcraft’s best-selling magazine called and operates numerous websites including witchcraft.org, witchfest.net, and

Their objectives are to promote an ethical approach to Wicca, present an accurate view of it, and promote understanding of witchcraft.

Hern describes being a witch as practising magic in the form of spells, in tune with the cycles of nature. “It’s a matter of practice, with training sessions, workshops, self-learning, or asking other experienced witches for advice.

Worst of all I already saw a group of people seated next to each other and talking trough some group text message. And that’s coming from someone, who prefers to write… Witches are less commercialised and less consumer driven, because they realise that there is a price to pay to the environment.They think of the nature as a sacred place and therefore are usually active in charities related with nature.So join us and together start on a path to finding love, friendship and happiness.Already, in our lists of members in the UK we have people from all walks of life and of many Pagan faiths. Step forward and become one with the Pagan partners community. Blessed Be T xxx Have you forgotten your username or password?

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