Yes dear speed dating cast

Logan Hughes (2005-2006) Tim Conway ....................... Tom Warner (2001-2005) Vicki Lawrence ................... Natalie Warner (2001-2005) Jerry Van Dyke ...................

Christina Applegate won the coveted award for a guest-starring role on "Friends". As of 2010 she has won five Emmys of her own along with a couple of dozen other awards!

When Emily is born, Sammy is said to be two years old.

That wasn't the only goof with the ages of the kids.

There was one Yes Dear Emmy nomination in 2003 in the category "Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series" for an appearance by actress Betty White.

Then a dozen or so episodes later they are both supposedly two years old!

Kim's sister Christine Hughes and her husband Jimmy were somewhat more relaxed about their family obligations; much more relaxed!

1-24 14 May 01 Jimmy and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Boat Season 2 25.

Greg and Kim Warner (Anthony Clark and Jean Louisa Kelly) struggle on a daily basis to become perfect at the job.

Greg and Kim Warner were the perfect parents who believed that their lives should revolve around their children.

Their family was almost perfect, before the moment when Kim’s sister with her family knocking at Warner’s door.

Christine Hughes and her husband Jimmy have two sons and no place for living.

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